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If you’ve received a County Court Judgment, it can stop you from obtaining credit, such as a mortgage, loans or even a mobile phone contract. Furthermore, it may even stop you from getting some types of jobs if it’s not removed from your credit record.

Most people are not aware of receiving a CCJ as they either moved address, were away from home at the time the claim was issued and only discover when they apply for some type of credit.

If this is you then we can help. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. Our independent reviews speak for themselves and we look into each and every case with the aim to win!.

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What is a CCJ?

A County Court Judgement (CCJ) is a judgment against you for a debt you have not paid. Either because you did not respond to the court papers that were sent to you (Default Judgement) or you disputed the case and lost, and did not pay the amount owing within the specified time given by the court.

How long does a CCJ stay on my credit file?

If the Judgment sum is not paid within the period specified in the County Court Judgment (which is usually within one month of the date of the Judgment in the case of Default Judgments) a CCJ will be entered on your credit record at the Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines and will remain for six years.

How can I remove a County Court Judgement?

The only 3 ways to remove a CCJ are either:

  1. To pay the full sum specified within one month from the date of the judgement.
  2. By obtaining a court order to set aside the judgement.
  3. By waiting 6 years it will be removed automatically from your credit record even if it has not been paid.

What if I just pay off the CCJ after the 1 month period, does that still stay on my credit file?

Yes, a judgement that has been paid after the 1 month period will still stay on your credit file however it will show as being "Satisfied" (i.e. no monies are owing) rather than "Unsatisfied"

How do I get court order to set aside the judgement?

There are two way to obtain a Court Order to set aside:

  1. By Consent Order (i.e. with the consent of the creditor)
  2. By application to the Court
We can assist with both options and applying for the set aside by Consent Order is usually cheaper and quicker than using the Court application process.

What evidence is required to set aside a judgement?

Any application made to the court must be supported by evidence. This evidence should establish the actual basis for the application; this evidence may include:

  • Evidence that you did not receive the claim form (i.e. proof of moving address of being away/in hospital)
  • Details of why you have a prospect of successfully defending the claim.
  • Evidence that shows you acted promptly in making the application for the CCJ to be set aside.

What service do provide to assist me to remove a CCJ?

Our service includes:

  • If applicable, negotiate with the creditor over the removal of the CCJ
  • Draft and submit the required application to the court by consent
  • Prepare the Court application to set aside the CCJ if the creditor does not consent to the removal of the CCJ
  • Assist you to apply for a fee remission if you are on a low income/benefits
  • Guide you through the court process
  • Assist with response to any and all court documentation you may receive
  • Provide updates and support throughout the process via Phone, Email, WhatsApp, Telegram and Text
Please note - We do not represent clients in court for the application to set the CCJ aside

Are you Solicitors and can you do what they do?

No, we are not a Solicitors or Barristers. Therefore, in providing any services to you we are not acting as a Solicitor or Barrister and we are not subject to many of the rules which regulate practising solicitors or barristers and we cannot represent you in any Court without the express permission of the Court.

However, we are able to assist you and guide you through the Court process and help you complete Court documents.

Our track records speaks for itself and customer service is our number 1 goal. You are able to contact us via phone, Email, WhatsApp, Telegram or Text message and we aim to provide you with excellent service.

The Legal Ombudsman, which can adjudicate on complaints about poor service by practising Barristers and Solicitors, cannot consider any complaint against us because we are not Barristers and Solicitors.

I have no information about how or why I got a CCJ, how do I get it?

To get CCJ information you will need the Claim number (this is normally on your credit file) - If it is not then you will need to contact the Claimant (person/company you owe money to listed on your credit file) to get the Claim number. Once you have this, contact the County Court Business Centre on 0300 123 1056 who will be able to provide the Claimant name, date of registration and other relevant information

You can also check if a Claim number has a County Court Judgement registered against it by visiting TrustOnline -

Do you only help remove CCJs for parking companies?

We have specialised in Parking Appeals for many years assisting hundreds of clients during that time to get CCJs removed. However we can help with most CCJs including Utility bill such as gas, electricity and water services, mobile phone and outstanding debt recovery.

How much do you charge to remove my CCJ?

We have a fixed one time admin fee of £249 for CCJ removals. Please note that there are separate court fees payable.

What are the court fees to remove a CCJ?

In addition to our admin fee, the court cost of setting aside the judgment will depend on whether the claimant is willing to consent to judgment being set aside or whether an Court application needs to be made to set it aside.

  • If the claimant consents to the CCJ being set aside, the court fee is £108.
  • If the claimant objects to the CCJ being set aside, there is a court fee of £275 to submit a Court application.
  • If there was a writ of control (i.e. the claimant instructed bailiffs to recover the outstanding amount) an additional court fee of £13 would be required to stay the writ.

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